Friday, May 16, 2008

Free Write

I have been thinking about how long its been since I've seen a horror film. I just love the way horror films make you feel. The weird thing is that I haven't seen a horror film in at least a year. I think that the last horror film I saw was Saw II. While some people may disagree with me I happen to really like the Saw series. I especially like the ingenious things that the mass murder comes up with in order to kill his victims. The directors of horror films find clever ways to reproduce the same idea of a murder trying to kill a group of kids. Writting this blog entry is really making me want to see a good horror film, there is so many new ones out there that I have not seen.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Eric Cartman: Cartman is the cause of much mayhem in the town of South Park, Colorado. He often pisses people off and plays many mean tricks on his friends. Cartman is miss understood by everyone. While he does seem to purposely torture those around him, he does have a soft side to him. He uses jokes as a way to communicate with others because he doesn’t know how to properly portray his emotions without losing his masculinity. These troubles he faces are the same types of problems teenagers face daily. This is why Cartman is such a relatable character.

Catwoman: Catwoman is a crime fighting, powerful, good looking woman. Catwoman is an inspiration to all women. She uses her feminine power to get what she wants and is able to do anything a man can. Her will power shows that women can accomplish anything. Women should not be constrained by the sexist tendencies of society. Catwoman provides hope for all women and lets them know that there are others out there who face their same problems.

Bart Simpson: The Simpson’s started the now popular, mature cartoon fad in 1989. Bart Simpson is one of the main characters of this show. He is a rebel, ladies man and trickster. These qualities define the attitude of the pre-teen male.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

ShORt StOries

Stories are important to kids because they expand their imaginations. Stories lead kids to fictional places where they can experience new and amazing things. The adventures that kids have while reading helps to develop their mind and their sense of right from wrong. These are exactly the reasons for which parents read to their kids.

People read more often as they grow older to alleviate stress in their life and to escape the realities they face. Reading is always beneficial because one can always learn new things and expand their current vocabulary. People read non- fictional stories in order to gain insight on what is to come in life.

On a global perspective stories help us to learn about other cultures. Without books one would have to travel to another country in order to capture the emotional and physical feelings that the local inhabitants experience. Stories not only provide cultural background on present-day issues but also on past events. One can pick up a book and through reading it, learn what people felt in a different time period.

When I was younger I loved The Little Engine that Could, Goldilocks and the Three Bears, The Bernstein Bears, and The Three Little Pigs. These stories were read to me daily, nightly and ever so rightly. I loved these stories because they gave human characteristics to non- human creatures. Through this transformation of traits, I was able to learn how people’s reactions affect others.

- They are funny
- They provide an emotional connection
- You can relate to it
- A hero the reader can side with
- A happy ending
- Beautiful details
- Explosive imagery

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

MY STORY.......

Just another Day at School
Today in French class we were talking about how teachers judge kids based on their clothing just like students judge other students. I found this to be shocking even though when I think about it I realize that it is part of human nature to judge others. I don’t know maybe in my mind I see teachers as pure moral beings. Another reason that I feel that teachers have some sort of superior persona is the fact that they have supernatural powers. Teachers can hear the slightest whisper and have super sight. Like today in Creative Writing some kids were talking about something in the corner of the room and the teacher heard exactly what they were saying. I was right next to her and I didn’t hear any of what the students were blabbing about, I was amazed at her powers. An example of teacher super sight is how teachers can see kids on their cell phones texting across the room. It seems like a kid will be using his or her phone and a second later the teacher will be behind them with her hand out waiting to take it away. Back to the main point though I thought teachers were supposed to be nonjudgmental and to see the good in everyone. My teacher went on to say that the number one thing teachers notice is when a girl dresses trashy. This discussion today kind of reminded me of back in sixth grade when my teacher asked me about my girlfriend. She then went on to tell me that her and the other teachers were talking about me and my new girlfriend at lunch that day. I was so surprised that teachers spent time talking about their students during lunch, I wonder if that stuff is still talked about today among the high school teachers? Well today has been a reflective day thinking about the past and the present. It’s weird how all these past memories are floating into my head at the same time. Well this is enough for today, over and out.

Thursday, March 13, 2008


Written In March by William Wordsworth
The cock is crowing,The stream is flowing,The small birds twitter,The lake doth glitterThe green field sleeps in the sun;The oldest and youngestAre at work with the strongest;The cattle are grazing,Their heads never raising;There are forty feeding like one!Like an army defeatedThe snow hath retreated,And now doth fare illOn the top of the bare hill;The plowboy is whooping—anon-anon:There's joy in the mountains;There's life in the fountains;Small clouds are sailing,Blue sky prevailing;The rain is over and gone!

I picked this poem because it is simple and has good rhythm. I also like the fact that the poem reminds you of being on a farm and the wholesome life farmers lead.
March is the time of year when winter starts to come to an end and the grass starts to show through patches of melted snow. It is also when animals start to become more active and that things start to pick up around the farm.
In William’s poem he uses personification to emphasis the changes around the farm. An example of this is when he says “The green field sleeps in the sun.” This is personification because he is giving the field the human quality of sleeping. He also uses a lot of imagery in his poem to share with the reader how excited these changes make him feel. This poem would not be as good if he hadn’t added these image devices.
The tone of my poem is happy and joyous. He is happy that winter is finally over and that he can start working outside on the farm. His rhyming and his chose of adjectives communicates his overzealous attitude towards the coming of the spring.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008


My daily writing life is........

I am a very creative person but I often have a hard time expressing myself through my writing. Maybe this problem stems from the fact that I do not write that much, lets just say that I would rather read then write. I like to read mystery novels and interesting biographies. When I am forced to write, I tend to write about my past experiences. I would like to think I lead an interesting life.

Something to think about........

Last night I was watching the caucuses on CNN and I was very intrigued about what was happening. It was very intense sitting there and watching as Obama’s Texas percentages came closer and closer to Hillary’s. I was very angry this morning when I woke up and read that Hillary took both Texas and Ohio. I was hoping that Obama would destroy Hillary’s chances of becoming the democratic nominee. Sorry to all of you who like Hillary but I don’t feel that she has what it takes to become the next president. Yes, she does have more political experience then Obama but she’s sometimes very vague about what she is going to change if she does become president and at what rate her changes will take place.

Monday, February 25, 2008


Writing my play was.........
I found writing a play to be surprisingly enjoyable. It actually was a very easy thing to do. When I finished my play I was very proud of what I had accomplished even though my play was not as good as some of the other ones I heard in class. My favorite part about the play writing experience was to hear what other people wrote. It is amazing how we all have such different ideas but I did find the girl meets boy type of play to be repetitive.

Ten year olds need to know........
If I were to give advice to a ten year old I would tell them not to do drugs and to wear their seatbelt while riding in the car. I would also talk to them about the importance of seizing every opportunity in life. You only live once so you have to make your life exciting and live it as if each day was your last one. These pieces of advice would be based off my own personal experiences and those of the people around me. I would also talk to them about the importance of taking high school seriously. In order to go places in life you usually need to get a good college education. In order to get the good college education you need to do well in high school.

Memorable plays need........
I don’t for see myself writing something that will last forever. You have to writing an amazing work of art in order for it to be remembered for generation. I don’t know how people can write pieces that our so memorable or what makes them memorable. I wish I could answer these questions but I feel there is a psychological reason for why some people are drawn to specific theatrical pieces. If people can relate to something they feel the need to refer back to it every time they feel the need to remind themselves of their morals.